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Proposed Natural Resources Plan

Proposed Natural Resources Plan

Updated 11 November 2021 12:31pm

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The integrated proposed Natural Resources Plan for the Wellington region replaces five operative plans for managing the coast, soil, discharges to land, fresh water and air.

Decisions on the proposed Natural Resources Plan (PNRP) were publicly notified on 31 July 2019, and from the date of the public notice the proposed Natural Resources Plan was amended in accordance with those decisions.

On 18 September 2019 appeals were filed with the Environment Court, and went through a Court assisted mediation process. The Court will issue consent orders as appeal matters are resolved.

The Natural Resources Plan will not be fully operative until all appeals are resolved. Where a rule of a proposed Plan has not been appealed, in accordance with Section 86F it must be treated as operative (and any previous rule as inoperative).

Plan users should refer to the Appeals version of the pNRP as the most up to date version.

The Appeals version identifies which parts of the PNRP are subject to appeal and therefore may change as a result of the Court’s mediation process. It also identifies which parts of the PNRP are not subject to any appeal and rules which are therefore deemed operative. Changes made to the Appeals version will incorporate Consent Orders issued by the Court that relate to various appeals - these are currently shown as black underline text until all appeals have been resolved.

More information may be found in the portal quick links.