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Bus Contracts

Bus Contracts

Updated 16 September 2021 8:54am

Bus routes by number

Bus routes by operator

The Wellington region has an extensive bus network that provides public transport within all of our cities and towns and operates as a feeder to the rail network for journeys through the region. 

The contracting environment implemented through the Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM) has enabled Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) to take a fresh approach to how services are delivered.  PTOM focuses on building commercially based partnering relationships with bus operators.  Services are grouped into ‘units’ of routes, and operators will bid to run units instead of individual routes.  The Wellington regional bus network is made up of 16 units.

In Wellington City, the units have been designed to deliver a brand new network of services.  The new network will give more people access to frequent services, will provide more weekend and later evening services for 15 suburbs and new services for 11 suburbs. More cross-city routes, e.g. from Johnsonville to Island Bay and from Karori to Seatoun, will mean fewer services will begin or end in the CBD, resulting in less bus congestion and quicker journey times.

Which operators were awarded units

In accordance with the requirements for the transition to PTOM, seven units have been directly appointed to incumbent operators and nine units have been tendered.  You can find out which bus routes fall under a unit by opening the links below 


Unit Operator Average annual contracted base service fee Method
1 - North-South Spine Tranzit Group $10,149,854 Tender
2 - East-West Spine NZ Bus $12,055,701

Direct Appointment

3 - University            NZ Bus $4,448,048

Direct Appointment

4 - Khandallah/Aro Tranzit Group $4,176,062 Tender
5 - Central NZ Bus $4,373,175

Direct Appointment

6 - Taranaki                NZ Bus $4,202,470

Direct Appointment

7 - Brooklyn/Owhiro Tranzit Group $4,237,788 Tender
8 - Newlands             Mana Coach Services $4,199,809

Direct Appointment

9 - Lower Hutt Tranzit Group $7,059,595 Tender
10 - Upper Hutt Tranzit Group $5,414,605 Tender
11 - Wainuiomata Tranzit Group $2,998,773 Tender
12 - Eastbourne NZ Bus $4,219,260

Direct Appointment

13 - Porirua Tranzit Group $4,260,071 Tender
14 - Kapiti Madge Coachlines (t/a Uzabus) $3,256,931 Tender
15 - Wairarapa            Tranzit Group $1,138,244 Tender
18 - Tawa Mana Coach Services $2,467,775

Direct Appointment


Representative contract 

A representative version of the contract entered into between GWRC and bus operators is available below.

  1. Bus Partnering Contract and Schedule 1
  2. Schedules 2 - 15
  3. Annexures 1-23
  4. Articles of Agreement
  5. Novation Deed


This contract has had commercially sensitive information redacted. 

Each redaction in the contract includes a comment box. The comment box shows the section of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA) that forms the basis for the redaction. To view the comments box you need to download the document and open in Acrobat. LGOIMA deals with the availability to the public of official information held by local authorities and includes the limited grounds available for withholding information.


Tender process

Probity principles

As a public entity, GWRC has a very strong commitment to achieving the highest possible standard of probity in relation to this tender process.  The key documents that outline GWRC’s probity approach are the PTOM Probity Framework and PTOM Probity Plan (Bus)


Request for Tender documents

The following documentation was provided to those bus operating companies who registered with GWRC to participate in the tender process. Due to ongoing commercial negotiations with operators some sections of the documentation have been redacted.

Update: July 2018 GWRC has concluded its negotiations, please contact us at should you wish to request a new copy of these documents.  Please note that it is likely that  GWRC will still need to withhold portions of the information contained in the documents. 


Greater Wellington Services - Request for Tender

Redacted Greater Wellington Bus Services - Information Memorandum

Part 1 - Response Template

Part 2a - Instruction Booklet

Part 2b - Instruction Booklet

Fleet Emissions Response Template

Pricing Response Template

Tenderers' Capacity Response Template

Due Diligence Response Template

Submission Checklist Response Template

Director Declaration letter for non-audited accounts


Council decision making

A number of reports and updates were provided to GWRC's elected members during the development and preparation of the tender process. Some of these sought and received decisions from Council. Minutes recording decisions made by Council are included in the documents provided. Certain information in the following documents has been redacted. The reasons for each redaction are noted in the documents:

Council Report - PTOM Bus transition arrangements - 28 September 2016

Restricted public excluded minutes of the Council meeting - PTOM bus transition arrangements - 28 September 2016

Report to Council - approval for RFT release - 29 June 2016

RPE minutes of the Council Meeting - 29 June 2016

Report to STC Approval of RFT for release - 22 June 2016

RPE Minutes of the Sustainable Transport Committee Meeting - 22 June 2016

PTOM Bus Update to Council Workshop - update on RFT for PTOM bus services - 26 May 2016

PTOM Bus update to Council Workshop - Explaining the RFT for PTOM Bus Services - 8 March 2016

Report to Council - bus procurement strategy - 16 December 2015

RPE Minute Extract Council -16 December 2015

Report to Sustainable Transport Committee (STC) - PTOM Bus Procurement Strategy - 1 December 2015

RPE Minutes for the Sustainable Transport Committee Meeting - 1 December 2015

PTOM Bus Update to Council Workshop - 17 November 2015


Deeds of Variation

The original Partnering Contracts were varied by the respective Deeds of Variation. 

NZ Bus Deeds of Variation - Redacted

Tranzit Deeds of Variation - Redacted