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Akura Plant Nursery

Akura Plant Nursery

Updated 4 February 2022 10:31am

Greater Wellington Regional Council's Akura Plant Nursery grows and sells native and exotic tree species suitable for shelter, fuelwood, erosion control and timber. We have been trialling, growing and supplying tree species for over 30 years.

Our staff can provide advice on planning, contract planting, tree species, establishment and protection techniques, shelter, pruning, chemicals and animal repellents. We are specialists in land management, soil conservation techniques, land-use and species recommendations.

The Akura Plant Nursery is situated on the outskirts of Masterton and opens from end of May/beginning of June to September.

Price list

Download 2022 Akura Plant Nursery price list

We accept card and cash payments. 

How to find us

Akura Plant Nursery152 Akura Road, PO Box 41, Masterton