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Getting to work

Getting to work

Updated 30 June 2021 4:27pm

Greater Wellington has a range of sustainable transport initiatives available free of charge for workplaces. These are designed to increase numbers of people travelling to work by low carbon modes. 

Here are some examples of free workplace sustainable transport initiatives:

Transport friendly workplace

There are a number of easy, free or cheap actions workplaces can put in place to promote sustainable transport options to their staff. 

Read about great initiatives from local businesses. 

Get Your Workplace Moving Guide

A guide to transport solutions for your staff and business

Cycle Friendly Workplace Guide

Workplace representatives from around the Wellington region meet regularly to share how sustainable transport works for them.

To join the forum or share your success stories contact

Public Transport Trial

Your workplace may be eligible to take part in a trial of public transport for new users. Contact for more details.

Getting home in an emergency

When there are major interruptions on the network, getting home can be a headache. Useful tips on how to get prepared for an emergency can be found here.

Many organisations also offer guaranteed rides home to give staff peace of mind when they walk, cycle, catch public transport or carpool to work, and have to get home in a hurry.

Guaranteed Ride Home Guide

Guaranteed Ride Home Word Template