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Environment Committee

Environment Committee

Updated 1 March 2021 4:13pm

The Environment Committee is a committee of the whole Council, comprised of all thirteen councillors, as well as the Chair of the Farming Reference Group, and a member nominated by Ara Tahi, who is appointed by Council.

The Committee's purpose is to oversee the development, implementation and review of Council’s policies and programmes that ensure environmentally sustainable management of the region's natural resources.

Greater Wellington Regional Council membership

Cr Penny Gaylor – Chair

Cr Ros Connelly – Deputy Chair

Cr Roger Blakeley

Cr Jenny Brash

Cr Glenda Hughes

Cr Chris Kirk-Burnnand

Cr Ken Laban

Cr Prue Lamason

Cr David Lee

Cr Thomas Nash

Cr Daran Ponter

Cr Adrienne Staples

Cr Josh van Lier

Other membership

Barbie Barton – Farming Reference Group Chair

TBA – Ara Tahi appointee

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for the Environment Committee