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Economic Development

Economic Development

Updated 9 February 2016 4:08pm

Somes Island

GWRC is committed to the economic prosperity of the region, and provides leadership through its hosting of the Wellington Regional Strategy (WRS). The strategy is overseen by the Wellington Regional Strategy Committee. This is a committee of GWRC and consists of representation from councils in the region.

The primary delivery agency for regional economic development activities is the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA). The other councils in the region also provide local development activities.

GWRC contributes to regional economic development via multiple activities including public transport, water supply, recreational reserves, environmental management, and it’s shareholding in Centreport.

GWRC manages the Wellington Regional Strategy Office which works closely with the Economic Development functions of the other councils in the region. It also undertakes research, monitoring and project management activities in accordance with the WRS. Activities can be as diverse as migrant attraction, infrastructure resiliency, sector profiling and well-being economics.