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Dairy effluent

Dairy effluent

Updated 1 June 2022 4:47pm

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There are helpful resource for managing dairy effluent on the Dairy NZ website

Rules relating to dairy effluent 

GWRC controls the discharge of collected agricultural effluent, including dairy effluent. A resource consent is required under Rule 13 of the Regional Plan for Discharges to Land . This activity is a controlled activity which means that unless special circumstances exist, your resource consent application is processed on a non-notified basis.

For further assistance or to set up a pre-application meeting freephone 0800 493 734. You can also access forms at our forms and information requirements webpage. 


Effluent storage assessments                           back to top

GWRC is encouraging all dairy farmers to undertake an effluent storage assessment. This is because storage and deferred effluent irrigation will ensure compliance with standards and terms specified in resource consents.

Completing an effluent storage assessment involves evaluating your effluent management system and applying the Dairy Effluent Storage Calculator. GWRC recommends you use a qualified professional from the Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accreditation Programme.

If you voluntarily undertake an effluent storage assessment, GWRC is happy to review your assessment to check if your proposal will meet the standards and terms of your resource consent. 

An effluent storage assessment is required when you apply for a new or replacement dairy effluent resource consent or when your apply to change conditions on your existing dairy effluent resource consent. 

For more information check out our Q&A Advice Sheet or more detailed Effluent Storage Assessment Guide for the Wellington Region.  


Guidelines and best practice                             back to top

Dairy NZ in conjunction with GWRC have developed a compliance checklist to assist you with managing compliance of your dairy effluent management system. You can download this checklist from the Dairy NZ website below:

Effluent compliance checklist - Wellington region

Dairy NZ has developed other helpful resource to assist you with managing dairy effluent. You can browse these resources directly at the Dairy NZ website 

Some key resources that we think are helpful are:

FDE systems - a farmer's guide to building an new effluent storage pond

FDE systems - planning the right system for your farm 

FDE Design Code of Practice

FDE Design Standards