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Concession applications

Concession applications

Updated 20 October 2022 1:40pm

Greater Wellington Regional Council has a new concessions management system. You can now apply for a concession on-line. See below for the type of authorisation your event or activity requires before you submit your application.


Concession types

There are two types of concessions authorisations:

1) Streamlined concessions

These apply to non-commercial events or activities involving 30 - 150 participantsand are processed by the relevant Park Ranger.  An activity or event granted a streamlined concession would involve:

  • low impacts on park infrastructure eg tracks or structures
  • no impacts on sensitive environmental areas eg significant vegetation, waterways, wetlands or coastal dunes
  • minimal conflicts with other users

NOTE: There are no fees charged for non-commercial activities or events with fewer than 150 participants eg club orienteering or harrier events.  Charges may apply for other non-commercial activities or events. 

2) Full concessions

A full concession is required for an activity or event that is commercial in nature or non-commercial but involves more than 150 participants.  Applications for full concessions are processed by the Regional Council's Wellington office.  In addition to completing an application form you will also need to supply a Health and Safety Plan and pay an application fee.

Park usage fees are payable for events or activities requiring a full concession (fees for commercial activities)This includes filming in the parks (fees for filming).

The decision making process for a full concession varies according to the type of activity.  Activities are generally categorised as: 

Major concessions

A major concession is required by high-impact activities that may involve the building of structures, regular use or occupation of land, or impacts of regional significance.  Examples of major concessions include golf courses and some major sporting events.  They require approval by Greater Wellington Regional Council or one of its committees.  If a proposed activity is not specifically allowed for in the park's management plan the public will be notified.  Where an activity is already provided for in the park's management plan, then public notification will be at the Regional Council's discretion.  A major concession may also need a resource consent.  Obtaining a resource consent is a separate procedure, and is not part of the concession application.   A major concession is likely to have a term of over 5 years.

Minor concessions

A minor concession is required for low-impact, small-scale or occasional operations such as some guiding services or tours.  They require authorisation by a delegated officer of Greater Wellington Regional Council and are likely to be authorised as a licence or permit with a term of up to 5 years.

Temporary concessions

A temporary concession applies to low-impact, single events within a six-month period, such as filming.  They require authorisation by a delegated Regional Council officer.



Key points for applying

  • Please contact the relevant Park Ranger to check on available dates and any other questions before lodging your application.  See "contact the ranger" details in the relevant park section.
  • Lodge your application as early as possible. Dates may not be available or you may be liable to pay an urgent processing fee if you lodge an application less than one month before your event or activity takes place.
  • Complete the form as fully as you can, to the best of your knowledge. More information can be added later as it becomes available. If questions are not relevant to you, please leave the answers blank.
  • It is not yet possible to "upload" documents such as health and safety or traffic management plans to this online application form.  We will introduce this feature at a later date.  You will need to email, fax or post these items to us separately for your application to be approved.
  • You can print out a copy of your application once you have submitted it to us.
  • Lodging your application does not mean it has been granted, or that you are committed to running the event.  We will contact you within 5 working days to discuss your application.
  • You (or another representative of your group) will need to sign a separate agreement confirming your understanding of conditions relating to the event or activity.
  • Charges apply to some types of activities or events (see below for more information). Fees are only payable once you have confirmed that the event or activity will take place.
  • If you have any questions or problems with the concession application process, please email

Click here to apply for your concession.