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Forms & information requirements

Forms & information requirements

Updated 1 June 2022 4:47pm

Here you will find information relating to: 

Resource consent application forms  back to top

The resource consent application forms below will assist in providing basic information for you to apply for your resource consent(s). All resource consent applications require Form 1 to be filled out, along with all relevant activity forms:

Form 1 Resource Consent Application
Form 1b Written approval of an affected person
Form 1c Application to change or cancel resource consent conditions

Water permit application forms

Form 2a Dam/divert water
Form 2b Take surface water
Form 2c Take groundwater
Form 2d Transfer water from site to site

Discharge to land application forms

Form 3a Discharge to land (general)
Form 3b Agricultural discharge to land
Form 3c On-site sewage discharge to land

Discharge to water application form

Form 4a Discharge to water (general)

Discharge to air application form

Form 5a Discharge to air

Land use consent application forms

Form 6a Works in bed of watercourse (general)
Form 6b Constructing or altering a bore
Form 6b(i) Application to drill geotechnical bores (including tests) in the Lower Hutt Groundwater Zone
Form 6c Constructing a bridge, culvert, or pipe
Form 6d Constructing an erosion protection structure
Form 6e Soil disturbance
Form 6f Forestry

Coastal permit application forms

Form 7a Coastal permit (general)
Form 7b Boat shed


Other forms                                                    back to top  

Please use these forms to provide us with the necessary information we require so that we may action your request.

Submission on a resource consent application
Surrender of permit
Change of resource consent holder
Transfer of swing mooring permit
Swing mooring inspection form
Withdrawal of consent application
Bore log form
Wetland restoration management plan guide for external applicants

What to include with your application  back to top

Below is a summary of what is required to be included with your application: 

  • GWRC resource consent application forms. In particular it is important that you provide the location of your activity (e.g. a map, aerial photo or sketch with scale) and an assessment of environmental effects (AEE)
  • Written approvals of affected persons using Form 1b (for non-notified applications only)
  • Any information required by a regional plan or regulations
  • The required fee 

An AEE is a report about the effects your proposed activity will or may have on the environment. It shows the ways in which any adverse (or negative) effects of your activity can be managed. An AEE should:

  • Describe your proposal
  • Specify alternative locations or methods if your proposed activity is a discharge or is an activity that is likely to have significant adverse effects on the environment
  • Assess the activity's actual or potential effects on the environment
  • Describe any contaminants discharged and sensitivity of the receiving environment
  • Describe the measures you will take to prevent or reduce effects on the environment
  • Identify anyone who may be interested in or affected by your proposal. Include information on how your consultation went with those people your response to any views expressed
  • Outline how any effects on the environment will be monitored and by who, if necessary. 

The resource consent application forms provide sections for you to complete an AEE. However in many instances a more detailed AEE will be required to be submitted with your application. This is normally completed by an appropriate professional with expertise relating to your proposed activity.

Any AEE dealing with effects on biodiversity, aquatic ecosystem health or mahinga kai should consider the direction of our guidance on the assessment required under each step of the Natural Resources Plan’s effects management hierarchy.

For more details on what to include with your application download our Applying for a resource consent brochure.


Lodging your application                            back to top  

You can lodge your application in any of the following ways:

  • In person at our Wellington office (100 Cuba St, Te Aro) or Masterton office (34 Chapel St)
  • By post to either PO Box 11646, Wellington or PO Box 41, Masterton
  • By e-mail to (A signed application in PDF format is required)
Please note that all the information in your application is available to the public on request.