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Why plant trees?

Why plant trees?

Updated 10 June 2019 3:57pm

All around the Wellington region lowland bush has been cleared, wetlands drained and waterways degraded to make way for farming and the growth of our cities and towns, meaning we have less of our native plants still around today.

At Greater Wellington we use seeds from around our region when we plant. Any plant will benefit the environment, but locally sourced native plants are best as they also support the region’s unique biological diversity.

Trees provide a range of benefits to the environment and the people living around them including:

  • Helping prevent erosion by stabilizing soil with their roots
  • Improve air quality by absorbing air pollution
  • Improve water quality
  • Support a range of animals and plants in our environment
  • Provide spaces for recreation and enjoyment
  • Improves people's mental health

Check out our events page to see where you can get involved in planting around the region.