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What to plant in wetlands

What to plant in wetlands

Updated 14 May 2020 2:22pm
Planting for your wetland type

The different areas of a wetland offer different conditions to the plants that grow there. Some plants like their roots to be wet all of the time, while others prefer the slightly drier areas.

To help you figure out what to plant where in wetlands, we've described three general zones and grouped the plants that are likely to do well in them.

The plants that will do well in saltwater wetlands will be different than at freshwater sites, though some can tolerate both.

Zones for planting in wetlands

Zone 1: Moist soils = Flood infrequently

Zone 2:  Wet soils = Temporary flooding

Zone 3:  Water margin = Standing water



Planting the right indigenous wetland species

There are many types of native species that can be planted in wetlands. So it’s important you get the right ones for your wetland type and environmental conditions.  

Our team can provide advice on the right indigenous species to plant in your area and wetland type. We can also offer support to identify species that are unsuitable for your wetland type and area, and are considered pest plants. 

You might need resource consent to plant or remove certain species - contact our team for more information: