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What to plant at your place

What to plant at your place

Updated 4 February 2022 10:31am

Wherever you live, whatever your ecosystem type, you can help restore and support our native plants and animals. Any plant will help combat climate change, but locally sourced native plants are best as they also support the region’s unique ecosystems.

Plants that are native to a specific area provide homes and food for birdslizards and insects that are indigenous to that place. These are called eco-sourced plants and they are grown from other plants that naturally occur in the same ecological district.

You can help support a flourishing native ecosystem by getting the right plant, for the right place. To find out about eco-sourced plants:

Visit our Akura Nursery for advice and to purchase eco-sourced plants. You can also ask at other nurseries, garden centres, and plant shops about eco-sourced plants.


Planning tips

Before you buy plants, get to know your garden and its characteristics; where are the moist places, is wind a factor, and how much sunlight reaches different parts. Knowing these simple things will help you select the right plants for the right place.

Make sure you protect new plants by identifying and controlling pest plants and pest animals.

Find out about funding and awards schemes available and contact us for advice.

Eco-sourced plants help keep your local environment unique

Some plants are native to parts of the country, but not to this region. These can become weeds, displacing the local species and changing the character of our ecosystems.

Indigenous plants are important for the region’s unique ecology, and some are irreplaceable once lost.

Eco-sourcing the plants protect the local plant characteristics by strengthening their resilience and genetics. So we recommend eco-sourcing where possible.

How to eco-source plants yourself

If you want to collect seeds and plants then check if you need a permit to do this on public land, and get permission from private landowners.

More information on eco-sourcing.

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