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Wellington Transport Models – Technical Reports

Wellington Transport Models – Technical Reports

Updated 19 November 2019 9:39am

The most recent Wellington Transport Models project was completed in 2015. The Wellington Transport Models include the Wellington Transport Strategy Model (WTSM) and Wellington Public Transport Model (WPTM).

The project consisted of three parts:

  1. A data collection phase
  2. The update of the WTSM to a 2013 base year and
  3. Updating the WPTM to a 2013 base year.

The following technical reports and notes outline the development processes for these models.

TN1 Data Collection (PDF, 3.77MB)

TN2 Observed Commercial Vehicle Matrix Development (PDF, 4.19MB)

TN3 Development of Base Year Networks (PDF, 599KB)

TN4 2013 Commercial Vehicle Model (PDF, 7.08MB)

TN5 Model Input Parameters (PDF, 846KB)

TN7 Production of 2013 Land Use Data (PDF, 298KB)

TN8 WTSM 2013 Validation (PDF, 3.90MB)

TN9 WPTM 2013 Validation (PDF, 3.90MB)

TN10 WTSM WPTM Sensitivity Testing (PDF, 3.9MB)

TN11-WTSM 2013 Demographic Report (pdf, 4.1MB)

TN12 WTSM 2013 Model Testing report (PDF, 3.3MB)

TN13 WPTM 2013 Model Calibration report (PDF 2.5 MB)

2013 WPTM WTSM Peer Review

WTSM and WPTM 2011 Technical Notes

The previous Wellington Transport Models project was completed in 2011/12. This project involved updating the WTSM to a 2011 base year and developing a new public transport model, WPTM.

The Technical Reports outline the development processes for these models. TN00 Model Development Report (PDF, 1.9MB) outlines how all the technical reports are related.

TN00_C3079 Model Development Report (PDF, 1.9MB)

TN0_C3079 Model Investigation Report (PDF, 1.38MB)

TN1 Network Preparation FINAL (PDF, 6.6MB)

TN2 Survey Sampling Methodology (PDF, 1.26MB)

TN5a Bus Intercept Survey Analysis (PDF, 2.07MB)

TN5b Rail Intercept Survey Analysis (PDF, 1.57MB)

TN6 WPTM Specification (PDF, 1.08MB)

TN13 Base Model Car Ownership (PDF, 1.13MB)

TN15 Input Parameters (PDF, 2.69MB)

TN16 WPTM and WTSM PT Assignment Comparison (PDF, 1.45MB)

TN17 Validation Guidelines and Criteria - WTSM and WPTM (PDF, 1.81MB)

TN18 WTSM Calibration and Validation (PDF, 4.8MB)

TN19 WPTM Calibration and Validation (PDF, 5.4MB)

TN19 WPTM C and V Addendum (PDF, 1.31MB)

TN20 WPTM Forecasting (PDF, 1.08MB)

TN22 WPTM Sensitivity Testing (PDF, 1.64MB)

TN23 Future Year Base Networks and Services (PDF, 2.18MB)

TN24 Baseline Forecasting Report (PDF, 6.94MB)

TN29 Demographic Inputs to WTSM with Appendicies (PDF, 5.50MB)

WTSM 2006 Technical Notes

WTSM 2006 ARUP Peer Review (PDF, 123KB) 

WTSM 2006 Baseline Forecasting Report (PDF, 1.40MB)

WTSM 2006 Update Validation Report (PDF, 2.26MB)

WTSM 2001 Technical Notes

WTSM 2001 ARUP Forecasting Review (PDF, 155KB)

WTSM 2001 ARUP Peer Review (PDF, 289KB)

WTSM 2001 TN10_1 Preliminary Studies (PDF, 2.05MB)

WTSM 2001 TN11_1 Technical Design (PDF, 948KB)

WTSM 2001 TN16_1 Trip End (PDF, 12.4MB)

WTSM 2001 TN17_1 Distribution and Mode (PDF, 1.04MB)

WTSM 2001 TN19_1 Time Period (PDF, 525KB)

WTSM 2001 TN22_1 Validation Report (PDF, 830KB)

WTSM 2001 TN24_1 Base Forecast (PDF, 2.46MB)