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Wellington Region Genuine Progress Index (GPI)

Wellington Region Genuine Progress Index (GPI)

Updated 4 February 2016 11:44am


A Genuine Progress Index (GPI) is a holistic measurement tool that governments and communities can use to account for the real costs and benefits of economic activity. It counts beneficial activities as positive, harmful activities as negative, and provides a systematic way to integrate economic issues with environmental, social and cultural concerns.

For example, the GPI values the economic contributions of household and volunteer work, and of ecosystem life support services. But it counts crime, pollution, sickness, and environmental degradation as costs, not gains to the economy.

The GPI puts a value on things that communities say are most important, such as health, education, a clean environment, decent living standards, economic security, spending time with families, feeling connected to communities, and overall quality of life.

In recent years, there has been growing consensus that progress and well-being are more than just economic growth. The Genuine Progress Index attempts to include the true costs and benefits to society in it’s measurements to get a more accurate picture of how we are doing.


Why was a GPI developed for the Wellington region?

In the development of the WRS it was considered important to measure well-being in the region. The main aim of the GPI is to measure the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of the Wellington region.

The GPI is a monitoring framework for assessing progress towards the well-being goals of the WRS. These well-being goals are represented by the nine community outcomes identified in the WRS. By looking at the trends of the data used to measure the outcomes, we can determine whether we are making progress towards those goals.

Head to our new website which has been specifically developed for the Wellington Region Genuine Progress Index so you can see how our region's well-being is faring and how the GPI relates to you.

A report for the Wellington Region Genuine Progress Index 2001-2013 has also been published. To download individual chapters and the Approach paper please go to the GPI website publications page.


The Wellington Region GPI won the "GHD Supreme Award 2011" in the NZ Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) Local Government Excellence Awards. It also won the "Joined-Up Local Government category" award. These awards recognise the collaborative work of all the region's councils and other parties on the development of the GPI.