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Wellington Airport Runway Extension

Wellington Airport Runway Extension

Updated 2 February 2021 9:48am

April 2019 - Application Withdrawn

On 11 April 2019 Wellington International Airport Limited withdrew its application for resource consents associated with an extension to the runway.

Update - October 2016

The applicant lodged a Notice of Motion under s87G of the RMA with the Environment Court on Monday 31st October 2016 and therefore this application will follow an environment court process. Information relating to this case can be found on their webpage here

Council Reports

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) and Wellington City Council (WCC) have prepared reports on the Wellington Airport Runway Extension resource consent application in accordance with Section 87F of the Resource Management Act. A copy of GWRC’s s87F report is available here. A copy of WCC’s s87F report is available here.

Application details

Wellington International Airport Limited is seeking resource consents to enable the construction, operation and maintenance of a 355 metre extension to the take off runway available (TORA) at Wellington International Airport.  This will largely involve the construction of a reclamation at the southern end of the existing Airport runway into the coastal marine area at Lyall Bay. 

The total length of the proposed runway extension (including the toe) from the existing land boundary into the coastal marine area (CMA) is approximately 363m. The total construction footprint of the runway extension is approximately 13ha, which includes the CMA, road, Airport Precinct and Open Space B zoned land. The area of the reclamation is approximately 11ha. 

The project construction works also include an extension to the existing tunnel underpass on Moa Point Road, the construction and maintenance of a submerged surf wave focussing structure in Lyall Bay approximately 450 metres offshore, temporary moorings within a construction exclusion area and other landscape/ amenity improvement works in the locality.

It is proposed that activities and transport movements during construction will occur during the day and at night, seven days a week, subject to restrictions as set out in the application.

The Applicant is seeking a 15 year lapse period for all resource consents pursuant to Section 125 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Wellington International Airport Limited requested that the application for resource consents be directly referred to the Environment Court for determination instead of the relevant consent authorities. On 22 July 2016, GWRC and WCC granted the request for the decision on this application to be determined by the Environment Court. 

Address for service

Wellington International Airport Limited, C/- Lane Neave, PO Box 25626, Featherston Street, Wellington 6011, Attention: Amanda Dewar / Joshua Leckie

or by email:


There were 776 submissions received on the application. A summary of the submissions is available here

Processing officers

The officers in charge of processing this application are Kirsty van Reenen (Resource Advisor), Greater Wellington Regional Council and Peter Daly (Senior Consent Planner), Wellington City Council. 

Please email for any enquiries on this application (including requests for copies of submissions)