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Want to know more about water?

Want to know more about water?

Updated 18 July 2012 2:13pm

Some areas may have restrictions on garden watering. See the water conservation pages for information about water restrictions in your area and water conservation tips.

On the beaches will tell you where it is safe to swim in the region.

The State of our Environment Report Cards gives an overview of the health of the region's rivers and streams, and the quality of the coastal waters.

Common questions

"What is Greater Wellington doing about stormwater pollutants?"

We have a pollution response service on 24-hour standby, ready to minimise the environmental damage caused by polluting incidents. It's available via our Pollution Hotline on 0800 496 734. We are also working with schools, community groups and industry to clean-up rivers and streams.

"How do I know how clean the region's water is?"

Bacteria levels in water are monitored at 76 coastal sites and 56 river and stream sites around the region. They indicate whether shellfish are fit to eat and whether waters are safe to swim in. On the beaches will tell you where is it safe to swim in the region.

"What happens when it rains?"

Heavy rain creates huge volumes of stormwater, which washes pollutants into the stormwater drains. It is not a good idea to swim in urban rivers or at the coast near built up areas immediately after heavy rain. Choose to swim at the pool on those days.