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Walking, running and tramping

Walking, running and tramping

Updated 28 November 2017 3:07pm

You may walk throughout the park. The front paddocks and bush reserve are closed to horse riders and mountain bikers. Horse riders and mountain bikers must give way to walkers, and all must keep to the tracks in wet conditions.

Walking-only tracks

Bush Reserve Short Loop

  • Easy
  • 15 minutes

Follow the track to the bush reserve near the Corner Paddock toilets and climb gently for 50m before dropping gradually to the stream. Turn left at the fork and head south, returning over the footbridge to the Corner Paddock. Cross the small bridge slightly upstream of the ford.

Summit Loop

  • Moderate
  • 1.5 hours

Enter the bush reserve through the gate by the Corner Paddock toilets. Walk along the valley floor before climbing up and out onto farmland to the Battle Hill summit. On a fine day you will have wonderful views south down the Horokiri Valley towards Pauatahanui Inlet. Descend to the battle site, then follow the farm track down the ridge back to the Streamside Paddock.

Multi-use tracks

All tracks start at the Dell carpark.

Restoration Trail

  • Easy
  • 1 hour walking

Follow the farm road up through the Airstrip between the wetlands and deer paddocks and up onto the Gas Line Ridge overlooking Transmission Gully. Turn right and head south along the top of the ridge beside the deer fence for 300m. Turn right through the horse gate and drop back down to the Airstrip. From here you can head south alongside the stream to the seep area and St Bernard’s educational woodlot. Cross to the other side of the Airstrip at the southern end and go through a gate to the riparian (streamside) planting area (horseriders and mountainbikers please stay in the Airstrip). Walk back to the carpark alongside the stream.

Wetlands Walk

  • Easy
  • 1 hour walking
  • Suitable for novice riders

Follow the farm road up through the Airstrip between the wetlands and the deer paddocks. Go through the gate into the Swampy Gully Paddock and follow the farm track up the gully. There is an alternative side loop via a gate into the Swampy Gully wetland. Or keep climbing the main track to the left before looping back to the south and through the gate into the Spring Paddock. Follow the farm track down the paddock and back to the Airstrip and carpark.

You can download a map of this walk on the right of the screen.

Farm Loop

  • Moderate
  • 2 hours walking
  • 1 hour riding

Follow the farm road up the Airstrip, then take the track north through the Oak Paddock, into the Battle Hill Paddock and up the hill. Approximately 200 metres short of the Battle Hill summit a track forks to the right down the hill. Follow this track back to the carpark through the Swampy Gully Paddock, past the wetland area and the deer paddocks.

Transmission Gully – Puketiro Loop (is now open)

  • Strenuous
  • 4 hours walking
  • 2 hours riding

Please travel the loop in a clockwise direction and take warm clothing as the hilltops are exposed to strong winds. From the Dell carpark follow the farm road through the Airstrip and over the Gas Line Ridge to Transmission Gully. Follow the markers across the paddock to the stream and take the left-hand gate into the forest. The track climbs the hill through the pine plantation to the top from which you will have great views of the Pauatahanui Inlet and the South Island on a clear day. Follow the track markers south along the top before continuing downhill back to Transmission Gully. Return to the carpark over the Gas Line Ridge.