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Walking, running and tramping

Walking, running and tramping

Updated 16 September 2019 3:22pm

Joining the Tararua Tramping Club is a good starting point for exploring this area.

The times given below are one way only for fit, experienced people and do not allow for breaks.

Kaitoke to Hutt Forks 2 hours

Follow the formed track from Farm Creek over the ridge into the catchment. Ford the river near the track end or use the bridge upstream in wet weather. A route is marked downstream on the true right bank to Hutt Forks.

Hutt Forks - Alpha via Eastern Hutt 5 hours

Follow the marked route on the true right bank of the Eastern Hutt River over a spur to the upper reaches. No routes are marked beyond this point. About 2.5 hours up the valley at Quoin Stream an easily graded spur leads north towards Alpha.

The Eastern Hutt hut is for emergency use only.

Hutt Forks - Alpha via Quoin Ridge 6 hours

From Hutt Forks head north up Quoin Ridge. Route finding can be difficult on the broad Quoin Ridge. Use a map and compass.

Hutt Forks - Renata Hutt via Western Hutt 7 hours

There are no marked tracks in this part of the catchment. From Hutt Forks go up the Western Hutt River, 3 hours to Renata Forks. The river is dangerous in wet weather. From Renata Forks climb the spur north to reach Renata (920m). From here it is 1 hour along the formed track to Renata Hut.

Hutt Forks - Renata Hut via Maymorn Ridge 6 hours

There are few marked routes in this part of the catchment. Route finding can be difficult. From Hutt Forks, cross the Western Hutt River and climb north-west up the spur to Maymorn (851m). Follow the ridge to Pukeruru and reach a marked route leading north along the ridge to Maymorn Junction. High winds and low cloud can increase travel times greatly on this route.