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What's Te Upoko Taiao?

What's Te Upoko Taiao?

Updated 1 August 2017 10:17am

The development of the new regional plan is being overseen by the Te Upoko Taiao - Natural Resources Plan Committee. The Committee comprises six elected Greater Wellington councillors and six appointed members from the region's mana whenua (see the table below).

The Local Government Act includes several provisions that require councils to take account of the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi by maintaining and improving opportunities for Māori to contribute to local government decision making. Most regional, city and district councils have some kind of formal mechanism for involving local iwi.

The GWRC already has a Charter of Understanding signed by the six iwi in the region and has an active relationship with these iwi. Each of them has a different rohe and each was invited to nominate somebody with the skills that the new committee requires.

All members of this committee will ensure that all voices are heard. Although the Maori members have been nominated by the region’s “mana whenua” iwi, like the six elected Councillor members, their role is to ensure that the new plan provides for the region as whole.

Figure 1: Principles developed by Te Upoko Taiao to guide the review of the regional plans

Te Upoko Taiao Councillor members

Cr Daran Ponter (Co-Chair)

Cr Barbara Donaldson

Cr Penny Gaylor

Cr Chris Laidlaw

Cr Adrienne Staples

Cr Paul Swain

Te Upoko Taiao (non councillor) appointees

Hikitia Ropata (Co-Chair)

Morris Te Whiti Love

Hohepa Potini

Rawiri Smith

Reuben Raihania Tipoki

(one vacancy)

Agendas for the committee meetings are published on this website two days before the meeting. Click here for a meeting calendar and agendas.