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T and T Landfill - information about the site and water quality issues

T and T Landfill - information about the site and water quality issues

Updated 30 September 2020 2:59pm

T and T Landfills Limited operate a construction and demolition landfill in the Owhiro Stream catchment. The site holds a suite of resource consents to operate from Wellington Regional Council and Wellington City Council. The site is located at 289 Happy Valley Road.

In addition to T and T, two other landfills operate in the catchment, the Wellington City Council Municipal 'Southern Landfill' and another construction and demolition landfill known as C and D Landfill.


Latest News - September 2020

In June 2020 GWRC received notifications from the public of earthworks on a ridgeline within T&T landfill and the discharge of contaminants from T&T Landfill into Owhiro Stream. In response to these notifications GWRC have visited Owhiro Stream and have undertaken and a compliance assessment of the site. The Director of T&T Landfill and their agent assisted GWRC with this assessment.

GWRC have identified a number of non-compliances with the Resource Consents for T&T Landfill. GWRC have requested that T&T Landfill undertake a number of actions to address these non-compliances by 30 September 2020.

After 30 September 2020 GWRC will re-assess compliance and make a decision on how to proceed with any outstanding issues - this may include enforcement actions.

We will continue to meet with T&T and inspect the site and Owhiro Stream to inform our investigation.

We will update this webpage as and when we have further information for public release.

Further information

The following pages aim to provide easily accessible information to the public and community affected by these water quality issues and to assist in understanding the process for reporting environmental incidents to GWRC.

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