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Spicer Landfill - compliance responsibilities

Spicer Landfill - compliance responsibilities

Updated 7 May 2015 12:11pm

Spicer Landfill is jointly owned by Porirua City Council (78.5%) and Wellington City Council (21.5%) with the oversight and management being provided by PCC. Envirowaste Limited is contracted by PCC and is responsible for the daily operations and management of the site.

PCC has resource consents from GWRC to carry out the landfilling operations at Spicer Landfill. These stipulate the conditions that need to be complied with. While it is the responsibility of the consent holder to ensure all conditions are met and complied with, GWRC also has a responsibility to ensure that PCC meets the obligations of their consents through consent compliance monitoring.

What is PCC's responsibility?

PCC has a duty to comply with the resource consents and all conditions. Some of the critical conditions from the resource consent include:

  • Development and review of the landfill operational management plan – this details the operational responsibilities of the landfill and maintenance regimes, a description of how the consent is to be exercised to minimise adverse effects on the environment, a description of the monitoring programme and waste acceptance criteria and disposal methods (currently under review by GWRC)
  • Development of a contingency plan addressing the amelioration of offensive odour– this stipulates what actions PCC/Envirowaste Limited will undertake in response to offensive odours being detected beyond the boundary of the landfill (currently under review by GWRC)
  • Undertake and report on water quality monitoring
  • Record details of all odour complaints and remedial action undertaken

GWRC's compliance responsibilities

GWRC carries out consent compliance monitoring. This consists of:

  • Regular compliance inspections on site
  • Review and approval of management plans and other documents
  • Annual compliance audits to ensure all conditions are being met
  • Review of environmental monitoring data and annual reports

GWRC also investigates notifications of incidents and non-compliance, and carries out enforcement action where necessary.