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Special offer for Masterton and Wainuiomata homes

Special offer for Masterton and Wainuiomata homes

Updated 17 March 2021 2:39pm

We are currently reviewing the scheme’s structure and are not taking any new applications at this time.

We will update the home heating and insulation assistance page when we have more details.

Because Masterton and Wainuiomata are situated in inland valleys fringed with hills, air pollution can linger on cold, windless nights when people stay home and light their fires.

The particles and other pollutants in smoke can cause a range of health effects and young people, the elderly and people with poor respiratory systems are the most likely to be affected.


Breathe easier

Warm Greater Wellington now offers assistance for people who live in the Masterton and Wainuiomata Districts so you can replace your old wood burner and open fire with clean heating appliances such as heat pumps.


Up to $5,000 for heating

You or your landlord could apply for an advance of up to $5,000 to buy and install an approved heating unit this winter.


Up to $3,900 for insulation

You or your landlord could apply for an advance of up to $3,900 (including GST) to buy and install insulation this winter.

 It is recommended that your home is properly insulated before investing in new heating appliances


So what you can you apply for?

Just insulation (underfloor and ceiling) – up to $3900

Both insulation and heating – up to $5000

Just heating – up to $5000


Easy payments

There is a charge of 7% per annum which is added to your repayments which are made via your rates over the following 9 years.

We send you an annual statement and each year Masterton District Council will send you a rates assessment that will include the year’s payment details


How much to go?

You can phone the Regional council at any time to ask for your balance.


Repayment examples

Greater Wellington Regional Council assistance $5,000 $4,000 $3,000 $2,000
Approximate yearly cost/rate(inc GST at 15%) $794 $635 $476 $318
Approximate per week $15 $12 $9 $6
Nine year total $7,416 $5,717 $4,288 $2,859


What sort of heating is clean?

Approved service providers will assess your home and advise you of the best insulation and or heating solution for your home and your family.

Find out more about heating options here


Renting your home

Your landlord can apply for your home and for other homes as well.

Ask your landlord about installing insulation or a clean home heating appliance this winter


Clean Heating Service Providers

Provider Phone Web address

Aotea Electric Wairarapa Ltd  0800 443 287

ASV United Limited 0800 110 417

B W O’Brien & CO Ltd 06 378 2288

Degree Ltd  5700 295

EnergySmart 0800 777 111

Kensair  0508 197 197

Heat Shop Masterton 06 377 4388

Smart Energy Solutions 0800 888 766

Sustainability Trust 04 385 0500 extn 700


Find out more

View the documents in the left hand link box

Ask your regular service provider or

Phone 0800 496 734