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Shelly Bay

Shelly Bay

Updated 23 December 2021 9:35am

This consent is not open for submissions.

Development consent application granted by Wellington City Council

Resource consent for the development was granted in October 2019. In November 2020, Wellington City Council (WCC) adopted the Key Commercial Terms for the proposed sale and lease of WCC-owned land at Shelly Bay. For more info, visit the WCC website.

Resource consent application under consideration of Greater Wellington


  • The original consent application was withdrawn, but a new application was lodged on 9 September 2021.
  • On 1 October we requested more information; read a copy of the letter.
  • More information was received and on 2 November we delegated authority to Christine Foster (Independent Commissioner, CF Consulting Services) to determine if the application should be publicly notified or limited notified.
  • On 6 December Independent RMA Commissioner Christine Foster determined that that application can proceed on a non-notified basis.
  • On 22 December we issued the decision granting consent to Shelly Bay Taikuru Limited. Read a copy of our officers’ report.

This page will be updated when new information is available.

What is the consent application for?

  • Land use consent for earthworks exceeding 3,000m2.
  • Operational discharge of stormwater once the development is complete.
  • Stream works (placement of a new intake structure further up the catchment).
  • Water permit for dewatering from potentially contaminated land.

The application documents are available on the right-hand side of this page.

What have we decided?

We have completed our assessment under s104 of the Resource Management Act (RMA) 1991. We have found that:

  • The adverse effects on the environment can be managed subject to a suite of consent conditions relating to the management of stormwater, erosion and sediment control, contaminated land and little blue penguins.
  • The proposal, subject to consent conditions, is consistent with the regional and national policy framework for this type of activity.

What are the issues?

We’ve been alerted to several concerns, which we’ve summarised below. There are different responsibilities under the RMA, and we’ve listed which council is responsible for each.

Issue Possible effects and mitigation Who's responsible for monitoring it?
Earthworks Discharges from earthworks, including sediment laden stormwater, may need to be managed onsite by implementing best practice erosion and sediment control. A new application is likely to need to be reviewed by external erosion and sediment control experts on our behalf. Greater Wellington
Stormwater discharge Water Sensitive Urban Design measures in the design could ensure stormwater discharging into Evans Bay is of acceptable quality. The application will need to be reviewed by a stormwater consultant. Greater Wellington
Seawall and coastal works We have not received a consent application for seawall works, or works in the coastal marine environment. If consent is required and applied for, we’ll consider the design of the structures guided by the policy direction under the Proposed Natural Resources Plan. Greater Wellington
Little Blue Penguins Effects on Little Blue Penguins will be considered as part of the consenting process. If consents are issued, we’ll include conditions to ensure effects on penguins are avoided. Greater Wellington
Hutt Valley Aquifer Works are unlikely to affect the aquifer in any capacity. Greater Wellington
Road widening We anticipate that there will not be a proposal to widen Shelly Bay road into the Coastal Marine Area. Wellington City Council
Vehicle movements during and after construction Not within the scope of an application with Greater Wellington. Traffic safety is considered by WCC. Wellington City Council
Wastewater overflows We are not consenting wastewater overflows into the coastal marine area. The capacity of the wastewater infrastructure was assessed when WCC granted consent for the masterplan development. Please refer to section 51 - 70. Wellington City Council
Risk of sea level rise Sea level rise considerations are limited to the activities we are consenting. Sea level rise associated effects were assessed when WCC granted consent for the masterplan development. You can see this in the decision document (refer to section 137 – 140). Wellington City Council


For more information on our consenting process visit our resource consent pages.

If you have a specific question about this consent, please email

For information on the WCC consenting process for this development, visit the WCC website.