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Schools' Toolkit

Schools' Toolkit

Updated 18 October 2018 11:33am

This toolkit is packed with ‘how to’ guides for safe and active travel initiatives in your school community. Collated from successful NZ and international programmes, choose your favourite ideas to increase the number of students walking, cycling and scooting, cut down on the ‘chaos’ at the school gate and improve students' road safety skills.

Download the Toolkit in full or as separate initiatives through the links below.

Walk or Wheel

Students love to walk, cycle and scooter to school with this ticket reward system.

WOW Guide

WOW Passports

WOW Certificate

WOW Parent Letter

WOW Poster Template

Park and Stride

Encourage parents to drop their children off a short distance away from school.

Park and Stride Guide

Parent Letter

Mapping Permission Letter

Parent Pledge

Parents take the lead and pledge to model safe driving, walking or parking behaviour by signing a Parent Pledge card.

Parent Pledge Guide

Parent Pledge Card

Super Safe Strider

Road safety skills checklist and certificate for families and students.

Super Safe Strider Guide

Map My Journey

Super Safe Strider Checklist

Super Safe Strider Certificate