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Rule 4 Discharges to groundwater which are contaminated only by heat

Rule 4 Discharges to groundwater which are contaminated only by heat

Updated 6 July 2016 2:03pm

The discharge of cooling water into groundwater is a controlled activity, provided that it complies with the standards and terms below.


(1) No contaminants, other than heat, have been added to the water between the time the water is abstracted and the time that it is discharged.

(2) The cooling water was taken from groundwater and shall be discharged into the aquifer from which it was abstracted.


(1) A charge, set in accordance with section 36(2) of the Act, shall be paid to the Wellington Regional Council for carrying out its functions in relation to the administration, monitoring, and supervision of the activity, and for carrying out its functions under section 35 (duty to gather information, monitor and keep records) of the Act.


The matters over which the Wellington Regional Council shall exercise its control are:

(1) the duration of the consent; and

(2) the taking and supplying of samples; and

(3) the carrying out of measurements, samples, analyses, surveys, investigations, or inspections; and

(4) the provision of information to the consent authority at specified times; and

(5) compliance with monitoring, sampling and analysis conditions; and

(6) the payment of administration charges; and

(7) the pH, temperature, rate, and volume of the discharge.