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Rule 2b - Washdown water from roads

Rule 2b - Washdown water from roads

Updated 6 July 2016 2:03pm

The discharge from roads (including State highways) and motorways by a network utility operator or its agent or contractor of water and contaminants to water is a permitted activity provided it complies with the conditions below.

(1) The discharge comprises:
(a) washdown water applied to the road or motorway for the purpose of maintaining or restoring surfaces on roads or motorways to maintain their structural integrity, serviceability, safety and aesthetic standards;
(b) contaminants mobilised by those activities; and
(c) additives to the washdown water.

(2) All practicable steps shall be taken to minimise the quantity of contaminants in the discharge.
(3) The discharge does not cause erosion at or below the point of discharge.
(4) The discharge does not alter the natural course of the river or stream.
(5) The discharge shall comply with condition 3 of Rule 2 (Stormwater Discharges).

Rule 2B was inserted by Plan Change 1 to the Regional Freshwater Plan in March 2007.