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Rule 2 Large scale soil disturbance on erosion prone land

Rule 2 Large scale soil disturbance on erosion prone land

Updated 23 November 2012 11:30am

Any soil disturbance on erosion prone land that:

(a) involves the disturbance of greater than or equal to 1000 m of soil, within any 10,000 m area (calculated using a minimum width of 10 m) and within any continuous 12 month period; or

(b) involves root raking over an area greater than 10,000 m in any continuous 12 month period

excluding any soil disturbance

(c) associated with roading and tracking activities, or

(d) undertaken in accordance with conditions on a subdivision consent

is a Restricted Discretionary Activity.

The matters over which the Wellington Regional Council has restricted the exercise of discretion are:

(1) The duration of the consent.
(2) The carrying out of measurements, samples, analyses, surveys, investigations, or inspection.
(3) The provision of information to the consent authority at specified times.
(4) Compliance with monitoring, sampling and analysis conditions at the consent holder's expense.
(5) The payment of administration charges.
(6) The methods of sediment retention and sediment runoff control to be adopted.
(7) Any measures necessary to rehabilitate the land following the completion of the activity.
(8) The effects of the activity on soil conservation and water quality including any measures necessary to avoid, remedy or mitigate those adverse effects.
(9) Any steps to be taken to ensure the minimisation of vegetation, soil, slash or any other debris entering any water body.
(10) Any steps to be taken to avoid, remedy or mitigate the effects of the activity on slope stability.
(11) The effects of the activity on tangata whenua values.

Applications for resource consent under Rule 2 will be considered without notification or the need to obtain written approval of affected persons in accordance with section 94 of the Act except where the consent authority considers that there are special circumstances which justify notification or the obtaining of written approval from affected persons.

The terms "soil disturbance" "roading and tracking" and "erosion prone land" are defined in the Interpretation in section 3 of the Plan. Any effects from soil disturbance undertaken in accordance with a subdivision consent will be managed by conditions attached to that consent. Subdivision consents are issued by city and district councils.

Discharges of stormwater from an area of bulk earthworks less than 0.3 hectares are allowed by Rule 2 of the Regional Freshwater Plan. If the area of bulk earthworks is greater than 0.3 hectares, the discharge requires a discharge permit.