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Road safety campaigns

Road safety campaigns

Updated 11 October 2016 3:30pm

Mind the Gap Ad

Mind the Gap

Close overtaking manoeuvres contribute to perceptions that cycling is a very risky activity, and occasionally result in serious accidents. Concerns also arise when cars and bikes pass pedestrians with minimal space to spare.

The Official New Zealand Road Code recommends an ideal passing space of 1.5 metres when motorists are overtaking cyclists. Hazards like parked cars or broken glass may cause a rider to veer off their line.

Tips for sharing the road with cyclists

Pedestrians can also act unpredictably- stepping out from between parked vehicles or suddenly moving off a crowded footpath. Motorists and cyclists need to take extra care around schools and in busy shopping precincts.

Tips for sharing the road with pedestrians 

The focus of the ‘Mind the Gap’ campaign is safe overtaking distances, between bikes and cars, pedestrians and cars and pedestrians and bikes.

Print off the following artwork for use in your workplace, clubrooms or local recreation centre notice board.

 Mind the Gap advertisement

Two Way Street

Our region has the highest figures for walking to work, and unfortunately a higher than average risk for pedestrian casualties. In the last five years, 21% of fatal and serious injury crashes in the Wellington region have involved pedestrians, the majority aged 20-24 years. Causes include pedestrians crossing the street without looking for vehicles and drivers not yielding to pedestrians at crossings.

Greater Wellington presents - ‘Two-Way Street’ - a reminder that road safety is everybody's responsibility. The video depicts actual CCTV footage of Emma Davis being struck by a vehicle while crossing a zebra crossing in the Hutt Valley, along with interview footage of Emma and the police officer who attended the crash.

We encourage you to share this video link, particularly with young adults among your friends and family.

Video link to 'Two Way Street'