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Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2021

Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2021

Updated 7 October 2021 10:48am

The Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) is our blueprint for the region’s transport network. It aims to enable a connected region, with safe, accessible and liveable places.

The RLTP sets the direction for transport in the region for the next 10-30 years. It identifies regional priorities and sets out the transport projects we intend to invest in.

The RLTP signals to Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency the projects the region is seeking funding for. Waka Kotahi will consider these projects as part of the National Land Transport Programme.

Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2021 (full document)

RLTP 2021 Summary

Plan on a page

Overseeing the plan

The RLTP is a collaborative plan, overseen by the Regional Transport Committee (RTC). RTC is a unique statutory committee. Although it is a committee of Greater Wellington, each council in the region has a voting member, along with a member each from Waka Kotahi and KiwiRail. The collective view of the RTC forms the basis of the RLTP.

Why plan regionally for transport?

Regional planning for transport is required under the Land Transport Management Act 2003.

The regional layer of transport planning is important as it:

  • Mediates national and local priorities
  • Advocates for the region’s transport priorities
  • Supports the region in allocating its transport investment
  • Provides an avenue for strong inter-regional collaboration.

Variations to the RLTP

Legislation allows the RLTP to be varied from time to time between official reviews every three years.

Variations between July 2021 and June 2024

Variation to the RLTP 2021 (Legacy Property Acquisition) September 2021