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Research and Reports

Research and Reports

Updated 16 August 2021 11:53am

The WRS Office has commissioned a number of reports and research to inform economic development activities and enable better decision making across the region.  These include the business case for UFB uptake, future regional  growth scenarios, migrant issues and business survey information in conjunction with Victoria University.

We have included the latest and most relevant of these here.

Quality of Life Survey 2021 - Nielsen

Quality of Life Survey 2018 - Colmar Brunton

Cyber Security Skills Report - Samantha Seath & Colin Drew, 2016

Quality of Life Survey 2016 - Colmar Brunton

Profile of migrants in the Wellington Region - Dr Nicola Chandler, 2016

Wellington's Digital Sector: growing under the radar - Victoria University, 2015

Driving Successful Cities - Benchmarking Wellington- Jacinda Ahsley-Jones, 2015

Faster broadband connectivity: the cost-benefit equation for small business in New Zealand - Network Strategies, 2014

Wellington’s knowledge economy —coming to grips with technology change - Victoria University, 2014

Growth scenarios for the Wellington Region: Towards 2041 - BERL, 2014

Brain Waste: Underemployment of Migrants in the Wellington Region - BERL, 2014

Immigration Policy review - BERL, 2013

Quality of Life Survey and Report 2012 - 2013

Business case for UFB uptake in the Wellington Region - Network Strategies, 2013

Wellington Regional Strategy - 2012

Greater Wellington – Socio-Demographic Profile 1986-2031 Professor Natalie Jackson, 2012

Quality of Living: Wellington City Survey - Mercer, 2012