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Community involvement - what's happened so far?

Community involvement - what's happened so far?

Updated 12 August 2015 7:00am

Community workshops in 2010 assisted Greater Wellington Regional Council staff to identify the natural resource issues of concern to people across the region and that would need to be addressed in the draft regional plan.

A series of community events through 2011 further developed these issues into objectives and high level policies

In 2012 and early 2013 stakeholders have been involved in a series of workshops to add more content to the high level policies and begin to shape the rules and other methods that will be included in the draft regional plan. 

In July 2013 the Working Document for Discussion (WDFD) was our first cut at provisions for the new regional plan. The WDFD enabled further discussions to happen with stakeholders and other members of the community.

In September 2014 we released a draft Natural Resources Plan and asked for feedback which has further influenced the development of the proposed Plan.

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