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Regional Land Transport archive

Regional Land Transport archive

Updated 4 June 2015 3:25pm

The documents below are now superseded by the Regional Land Transport Plan 2015 which was adopted on 29 April 2015 under the Land Transport Management Act 2003 (As amended 2013). 

Former Regional Land Transport Strategies and Corridor Plans

Regional Land Transport Strategy 2010-2040


Corridor Plans

Western Corridor Plan

Hutt Corridor Plan

Wairarapa Corridor Plan

Ngauranga to Wellington Airport


Wellington Public Transport Spine Study

Wellington Public Transport Spine Study 

Implementation Plans


Road safety


Travel demand management



Background reports  RLTS 2010-2040 

Proposed RLTS 2010 summary document

Alignment between RLTS 2007 and the NZ Energy and Efficiency Conservation Strategy

Alignment between RLTS 2007and the NZ Transport Strategy and General Policy Statement

Alignment between RLTS 2007 and the Proposed Regional Policy Statement

Proposed RLTS modelling report

Proposed RLTS target assessment

Strategic options assessment  

Environmental Impact Assessment on draft RLTS  - August 2006

Health Impact Assessment on draft RLTS - September 2006

Economic Impact Assessment on draft RLTS  - September 2006


Background reports RLTS 2007-2016

Strategic Options Consultation Document  - August 2005

NEECS Alignment Paper - September 2005

Wellington RPS Alignment Paper - December 2005

Regional Transport Programme - Modelling and analysis - May 2006

RLTS Policy Positions  - July 2006

Analysis of strategy actions against outcomes


Former Regional Land Transport Programmes

Regional Land Transport Programme 2012-15

Regional Land Transport Programme 2012-15

Variation to RLTP 2012-15 – SH58 Safety Improvements

Variation to RLTP 2012-15 - Transmission Gully Highway and Porirua Link Roads

Variation to the RLTP 2012-15 – Park and Ride Land Purchase

Variation to the RLTP 2012 -15 - SH2/58 Intersection Improvement and SH2 Rimutaka Hill Guardrails


Regional Land Transport Programme 2009-2012

Regional Land Transport Programme 2009-12

Variation to RLTP 2009-2012 - Hutt City Traffic Model 30 March 2010

Variation to RLTP 2009-2012 - Waterfall Rd Connection 18 May 2010