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Wellington Public Transport Spine Study

Wellington Public Transport Spine Study

Updated 4 June 2015 9:28am

The Wellington Public Transport Spine Study, a key action from the Ngauranga to Airport Corridor Plan, was undertaken to help determine a future public transport solution for Wellington City – one that is high quality, modern and meets the longer term aspirations and demands of our city and region.

The Public Transport Spine Study (PTSS) is now complete and the full study reports are available below.

A high quality public transport spine for Wellington: Dominion Post advertorial 5 March 2014


People were invited to give their feedback on the options between July - September 2013.  Public submissions, along with responses from  two citizens' engagement panels, were analysed and results were reported to a Hearings Subcommittee in late November / early December. 

The findings of the hearings subcommittee informed the Regional Transport Committee's decision, on 4 March 2014, to take Bus Rapid Transit forward for implementation.

Hearings subcommittee report and recommendations Feb 2014

Final study reports

Please note: Some of these files are very large so may take time to download.

PTSS Compilation Report

Presentation to stakeholders and interest groups August 2013 (PDF, 1.65MB)

Summary Brochure

Summary Report

Options Evaluation Report

Alternative Funding Options Study


Appendix B - Short List Cross Sections

Appendix C - Planning Assessment

Appendix D - Economic Evaluation 

Appendix E - Option Cost Methodology

Appendix F - Public Transport Service Cost Methodology

Other documents

Technical Note - Secondary Routes through CBD

Shared light rail and SH1 road tunnel - Q&As


GWRC Modelling Report

Appendix for Chapter 7 - WTM Highway Capacities

Appendix for Chapter 8 - Coding of Interchanges for PTSS

Appendix 1 for Chapter 9 - Additional Model Results

Appendix 2 for Chapter 9 - PT Indicators

Appendix 3 for Chapter 9 -WTM Highway Indicators

Appendix for Chapter 10  - PT Time Benefits 

Peer review

PTSS Peer Review Report

Interim study reports

These reports document progress on the public transport spine study. They are interim reports, the work within which was refined as the study progresses. 

Milestone 1:  

 Engagement Report

Main report (536KB)

Appendices A - E (1.6MB)

Appendices F - H  (1.4MB)

Inception and Scoping Report

Main report (937KB)

Appendices (2.6MB)

Milestone 2: International Review

Main report (829KB)

Appendices A (Glossary), B (Summary of responses to case study questions), D (References) (538KB)

Appendix C / 1  - Case Studies (4.3MB)

Appendix C / 2 - Case Studies  (6.3MB)

Milestone 3: Long list option evaluation

 Main report  (1.1MB)

Appendix B - Catchment area analysis  (2MB)

Appendix C - Modelling analysis   (0.5MB)

Appendix D - Recommended  option alignment by mode  (1.9MB)

Appendix A is an enormous file, containing large scale representations of the area route alignments in the main report.  

Please email us (details below) if  you have any queries about this.


Milestone 4: Medium list option evaluation

Main report (5MB)


How to contact us

If you have a query regarding the Wellington Public Transport Spine Study, you can:

Email us or 

Phone  04 384 5708

Any queries for the study consultant should be directed to Greater Wellington in the first instance.