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Proposed Regional Policy Statement for the Wellington Region, 2009

Proposed Regional Policy Statement for the Wellington Region, 2009

Updated 27 May 2016 5:33pm
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The proposed Regional Policy Statement for the Wellington Region, 2009, as well as individual chapters and appendices are available for download below.

Complete proposed Regional Policy Statement(2.6MB, PDF)

Chair foreward(100.13KB, PDF)

User Guide (49.93KB, PDF)

Chapter 1: Introduction ( (157.86KB, PDF)

Chapter 2: Promoting sustainable management in the Wellington region (204.05KB, PDF)

Chapter 3: Resource management issues, objectives and summary of policies and methods to achieve the objectives in the Regional Policy Statement (635.18KB, PDF)

Chapter 4: Policies and methods (pages 73-79) (96.83KB, PDF)

Section4.1: Regulatory policies - direction to district and regional plans and the Regional Land Transport Strategy(263.57KB, PDF)

Section 4.2. Regulatory policies - matters to be considered(371.15KB, PDF)

Section 4.3. Allocation of responsibilities(87.17KB, PDF)

Section 4.4. Non-regulatory policies(125.30KB, PDF)

Section 4.5. Methods to implement policies(193.88KB, PDF)

Chapter 5. Monitoring the Regional Policy Statement and the anticipated environmental results (114.13KB, PDF)

Chapter 6. Principal reasons for objectives, polices and methods (88.89KB, PDF)

Appendix 1: Rivers and lakes with values for protection (101.73KB, PDF)

Appendix 2: Regional urban design principles (87.85KB, PDF)

Appenidx 3: Definitions (74.31KB, PDF)

Appendix 4: References (90.39KB, PDF)