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Previous updates - June 2019

Previous updates - June 2019

Updated 21 September 2020 4:04pm

Monitoring of the Owhiro Stream by T&T Landfills (up to March 2019) shows that the site still exceeds contamination limits. Investigations into the cause had identified that the two dams and swales installed in 2017 to divert clean water around the landfill were not as water tight as they should have been. In February 2019, T & T Landfills completed all remedial works required for the dams and swales.

T&T Landfills are required to submit an annual report in July 2019, which will enable us to have a full picture of the current state of compliance. In the meantime, T&T Landfills have submitted a contingency plan to come into compliance with their contamination limits. This includes assessing the effectiveness of existing treatment options and considering additional options such as  a second stage wetland or alternative methods to reduce contaminant loading in the discharge. We are keeping in regular contact with T&T Landfills regarding this.

In the meantime, we have requested that T&T Landfills provide a trends graph of contaminants coming from their site. We acknowledge that although discharge limits are still non-compliant, there has been a considerable improvement over time. Stantec have reported that Ammonia, Copper and Zinc are below trigger levels, and that the remaining issue is Manganese as this remains well above the 1mg/L target. Read the trends graphs, as prepared by Stantec on 14 May 2019.