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Previous updates - January 2019

Previous updates - January 2019

Updated 21 June 2019 9:39am

Latest News - January 2019

Monitoring of the Owhiro Stream by T&T Landfill shows that the site still exceeds contamination limits – particularly after heavy rain. Investigations into the cause have identified that the two dams and swales installed in 2017 to divert clean water around the landfill, are not as water tight as they should be. This means that more water than intended is continuing to enter the landfill, which means too much water ends up in the wetland treatment pond. Because there is too much flow entering the wetland treatment pond, the water is not spending enough time in the pond for the contaminants to fall out of the water and be properly treated.


What are T&T Landfill doing to fix this?

T&T Landfill and their engineers have put together a schedule to address the known issues. Click here to see a construction plan showing areas of remedial work.

Items listed as ‘Priority 1’, ‘Priority 2’, ‘Priority 3’ and ‘Priority 5’ have been completed as at December 2018. Recent monitoring has shown that the Western Dam has started to lose water, and fixing it is now the new priority. T&T Landfills have had to wait for the wet weather in November to stop to undertake these repairs. However, they will not be able to wait any longer, as their resource consent requires that the dams and swales are to be working as intended by 31 January 2019.

Below is a series of photos of the site showing the upgrades to the dams and swales at T&T landfill



Treatment wetland


Western dam monitoring



Upgraded works to reline the base of the south western swale as identified as Priority 1




Water flowing as designed in the repaired area identified as Priority 2



Upgraded works to reline the base of the south western swale as identified as Priority 5


What else is going on?

In July 2018 various resource consents held by T&T Landfill were changed to include stricter monitoring requirements. As a part of this, the landfill has had to submit for approval, and act in accordance with; a Landfill Operational Management Plan, a Discharge Monitoring Plan, a Landscaping and Reclamation Mitigation Plan, and a Monitoring and Maintenance Plan for the dams and swales. The purpose of these different plans is to ensure T&T Landfill staff can operate the landfill in an agreed way that reduces environmental risk to the environment. Monitoring plans are to ensure that the right monitoring is being undertaken to know what effect the landfill is having on the environment, and if the infrastructure improvements undertaken throughout 2017-2018 will improve water quality in the Owhiro Stream.