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PNRP Information Sheets and Userguides

PNRP Information Sheets and Userguides

Updated 25 May 2022 4:44pm

Information sheets

Information sheets are for people wanting to know more about a topic e.g. a beach-care group wanting to know about the coastal management provisions of the Proposed Natural Resources Plan or a farmer wanting to know more about whether their stock can access a stream or how to go about clearing a drain.

Air quality


Building and maintaining seawalls

Building structures in river and stream beds

Coastal marine area

Draining land

Earthworks and vegetation clearance

Farm water use


Gravel extraction, reclamation and stream diversion

Household wastewater and septic tanks

Household water use

Livestock access to waterways, wetlands and estuaries

Māori values

On-farm nutrient and fertiliser management

Plantation Forestry

Riparian Planting Programme - NEW

Rubbish management and offal pits

Swimming in rivers and the sea and Māori customary use

Water allocation

Wetlands and the pNRP

Wetlands Programme - NEW


These user guides are made to assist the implementation of the proposed Natural Resources Plan.


Composting Toilets

Farm Refuse Dumps

Offal Pits

Onsite Wastewater

Pit Latrine

Watercourse categorisation guidance document