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PNRP Archive

PNRP Archive

Updated 27 February 2023 3:10pm

Proposed Natural Resources Plan for the Wellington Region

The Proposed Natural Resources Plan for the Wellington Region (proposed Plan) identifies outcomes for the sustainable management of natural and physical resources in the region to achieve the purpose of the Resource Management Act (1991). The proposed Plan contains policies, rules and methods for the people and organisations that use or protect the region’s resources.

The proposed Plan is a combined regional and coastal plan that will replace the existing Regional Coastal Plan and the four regional plans (Regional Air Quality Management Plan, Regional Freshwater Plan, Regional Plan for Discharges to Land and, Regional Soil Plan) once it is made operative following the decisions on all submissions and appeals. Please note all rules within the proposed Plan have immediate legal effect.

Section 32 of the Resource Management Act requires an evaluation of the appropriateness of the proposed Plan to achieve the purpose of the Act. There were 20 evaluation reports prepared under section 32, access here.

A number of documents were referenced in the proposed Plan. All documents proposed to be incorporated by reference were publicly notified on 8 June 2015.

To access technical reports associated with the proposed Plan and section 32 reports please click here.

Notification of the Proposed Natural Resources Plan

The Proposed Natural Resources Plan was publicly notified on 31 July 2015.

Procedural Matters

Procedural matters for the hearing of submissions on the proposed Natural Resources Plan were outlined by the Hearing Panel.

See the procedures set out in Minute 1 and further minutes provided by the Panel.

Submitter Information Days and Pre-Hearing Meetings

Submitter Information Days were held to inform submitters of the hearing process and to provide clarification and information on the plan. 

Time Date Location
2-7pm 17 May Mana Cruise Club, Porirua
2-7pm 20 May Kapiti Community Centre, Ngahina St, Paraparaumu
2-7pm 23 May GWRC office, 2 Fryatt Quay, Wellington
2-7pm 26 May Carterton Events Centre, Holloway Rd, Carterton

Summary of Decisions Requested

The Summary of Decisions Requested publicly notified on 26 February 2016 please click here.

Original Submissions:

Submitter lists alphabetically and by submitter name.