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Pest animals

Pest animals

Updated 25 June 2020 4:19pm

There are a wide range of pest animals that we need to control in our region; in forests, reserves, farms and gardens.  These pest animals kill or compete with native species, damage trees and crops, and spread disease.

We undertake direct control of some pests in targeted areas, while others are best managed by people on their own properties. Find out about pest control methods and operations, to protect the region’s biodiversity.

Our job is even harder this year as there's a mega mast - when a bumper crop of forest seeds provides food for rats and stoats and their population is predicted to explode.

With so many pest animals out there, we all need to be involved in their control.

Spotted a pest animal? What to do! 

Argentine ant 
Feral deer (fallow, red, and sika)
Feral goat
Feral pig
Feral rabbit

Pest cat
Plague skink
Rats and mice
Stoat, weasel, and ferret (mustelids)

Not sure which pest?

Use chew cards to find out if there are rats, mice, stoats, possums or hedgehogs. The cards are filled with a non-toxic substance that these pests like. You can identify the pest by the bite marks on the card. Buy chew cards from Predator Free New Zealand or Good Nature.

If you need help to identify a pest then contact us or contact Biosecurity New Zealand, 0800 80 99 66.

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