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Parks, Forests and Reserves Bylaw 2016

Parks, Forests and Reserves Bylaw 2016

Updated 10 May 2021 11:58am

The Local Government Act (2002) allows Regional Councils to create and uphold bylaws in relation to forests, parks and reserves and other Council owned land such as water collection areas.

Greater Wellington Regional Council's Toitū Te Whenua Parks Network Plan provides guidance for identifying the activities which should take place in our regional parks and the broad parameters for park management.

Bylaws enable enforcement of the rules identified in our Parks Network Plan. They assist in providing protection from damage or loss through human activity to natural and cultural values, as well as safe enjoyment of parks, reserves and other areas. They enable formal enforcement of authorised officers when other methods of park visitor management have not been effective.

The Bylaw is available to be inspected or obtained from Greater Wellington Regional Council, 100 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington.

For further information about the Bylaw contact