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Updated 24 July 2018 2:38pm


Deciding to allow your children to walk or bike to school can be a daunting decision but the benefits of increased physical and mental well-being are worthwhile.


Research shows walking and biking to school improves physical fitness and helps develop confidence, independence, decision making and risk assessment skills, improve communication with parents and build a stronger sense of community. You can read more about the benefits of walking and wheeling to school over at the Wild Network.

We understand active travel can be a challenge for many families. The distance to school, time pressures of work and after-school activities along with concerns about road and personal safety impact on the decision to allow walking and biking to school.


Movin'March provides a great opportunity to overcome these barriers and give walking or wheeling a go – even if it’s just for one day to see for yourself how rewarding it can be for your family.

Movin’March is a month long celebration of active travel to school run by the Greater Wellington Regional Council. Participating schools will encourage their students to participate in the WOW (Walk or Wheel) Passport Challenge and the WOW Family Day.

Encourage your school to sign up at


If you have children who are ready for independent travel to school – help get them prepared by teaching them the skills they need.

Vic Health has developed a great guide for preparing children for independent travel and the New Zealand Transport Agency has factsheets available on how to teach them road safety skills. We’ve also put together tips and advice for common concerns parents have about the journey to school on the Movin'March website.

Happy walking and wheeling!