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Our role in biodiversity

Our role in biodiversity

Updated 20 October 2022 1:40pm

Manuka - Iain Dawe

Greater Wellington has a key role in managing biodiversity. Many of the responsibilities are set out in national and local legislation and in international agreements. To learn more about the legislation and international agreements that provide the framework for biodiversity management visit the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy website.

We're responsible for managing biodiversity by controlling the adverse effects of activities as stated in the Resource Management Act 1991. The Regional Policy Statement (RPS) sets the policies and methods to manage biodiversity through regional and district plans. Our Regional Plans are currently being reviewed, and the second-generation plan will contain more emphasis on biodiversity protection and management. We also manage public land, particularly regional parks, many of which are important for their native biodiversity values.

In line with international and national best practice, our Biodiversity Strategy, management plans and programmes aim to protect areas with high biodiversity values across the region as well as restore ecosystems in degraded areas, where possible. 

Our team is available to provide advice to landowners and community groups. You can contact us at

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