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Taking care of our environment

Taking care of our environment

Updated 29 April 2022 11:07am

All about water

Water is essential to life. We have built our communities around it and rely on it for so much. It is a precious resource and we are finding ways to manage it better and to balance our current needs and those of future generations.

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Waste and recycling

Waste that is poorly managed is bad for the environment, our health, and our economy. The successful management of waste is therefore crucial to our ability to live in a sustainable way.

Learn more about waste and recycling.

Pollution Prevention - Take Charge

Take Charge is Greater Wellington's business Pollution Prevention Program to improve on site environmental management. The programme educates people about pollution prevention, targeting industry sectors and geographic areas to assist with compliance and cleaner production methods.

Learn more about pollution prevention.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, are one of New Zealand’s biggest opportunities for reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the uptake of renewable energy.

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Frank the Crayfish

Frank’s got a thing or two to say about our actions and their impact on the environment. It’s not hard to make small tweaks to the way we do things, and preserve things for the future.

Learn more about Frank the Crayfish.