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Other Rivers and Streams

Other Rivers and Streams

Updated 4 July 2022 2:38pm

New consent application sought

In June 2022 we appled for a consent to remove vegetation and sediment from highly modified watercourses (commonly known as ‘drains’) in the Kāpiti Coast District and Wairarapa District.

This work aims to reduce the risk of surface flooding and impacts to people, property and infrastructure.

In May, we let people with properties alongside these drains know about this consent application, and what this work involves, by letter. 

Watercourse Maintenance - Wellington, Kapiti, Hutt Valley

Greater Wellington Regional Council has regulatory control over all watercourses.

As a general rule, the care and maintenance of all watercourses is the responsibility of the landowner or the TLA. However under the 'watercourses agreeement' with local TLAs, Flood Protection staff based at Mabey Road Deopt and Otaki Depot carry out clearing work in a number of watercourses.This is done to keep the watercourse clear for flood flows.

The watercourses agreement does not provide for erosion repairs or work to protect individual private properties or assets.

If a watercourse near you does not appear on this map please contact your local authority;

For further information on watercourse maintenance please contact;

  • Mabey Road Depot - 04 567 6609 (for Hutt Valley and Porirua)
  • Otaki Depot - 06 364 7130 (for Kapiti Coast)


Watercourse Maintenance - Wairarapa

Map of watercourses maintained in the Wairarapa

To find out more information about maintenance of watercourses in the Wairarapa please contact the Masterton office - 06 378 2484


Isolated Works

Greater Wellington Flood Protection has an annual budgeted amount for a contribution to river works that fit within the Isolated Works policy.  Isolated works are privately owned flood or erosion protection works that are constructed outside areas where Greater Wellington manages community flood protection schemes.  The intent of the contribution is to provide a level of service to areas that are not eligible for rate funded community flood protection schemes.  The maximum contribution is set at 30% of the actual cost of an eligible isolated work, and has traditionally been provided on a first in first served basis.

Further information is available in the isolated works and advice section of this website.