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Other key policy and planning documents

Other key policy and planning documents

Updated 29 September 2021 2:55pm

Port & Harbour Risk Assessment and Safety Management System

In conjunction with Marico Marine and CentrePort, Greater Wellington Regional Council completed a risk assessment for Wellington harbour in 2006. The harbour risk assessment was a result of Maritime New Zealand recommending that New Zealand ports adopt similar standards to those developed in the United Kingdom, known as the Port and Harbour Safety Code. The code is intended to assist port operators (CentrePort) and regulators (Greater Wellington Regional Council) identify real and potential risks to all users of the harbour and to manage these risks.

Greater Wellington Regional Council has also developed navigation and safety rules (consisting of bylaws and the National Navigation Safety Rule) for safe use of the harbours and waters across and around our region.

Climate Change Strategy

Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge we face and will affect everyone in the region.

Hemmed in to the south, east, and west by the sea, the Wellington region is particularly vulnerable to even a small rise in sea level, and coastal hazards such as erosion and storm surge.

With help from the community, the Greater Wellington Regional Council has developed a Climate Change Strategy that will align and coordinate climate change actions across GWRC’s responsibilities and operations.

It aims to build on work programmes already underway, raise awareness of climate change drivers and impacts, and help co-ordinate regional effort through collaboration and partnerships.