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Non-commercial activities

Non-commercial activities

Updated 21 December 2020 12:47pm

Non-commercial use of the regional parks refers to non-business, non-profit making use and can include club, association or school group use.  

There is generally no charge for non-commercial use of the regional parks if the activity involves fewer than 150 participants and has a low impact.

It is important to apply for a concession for your planned activity or event, to ensure it does not clash with other groups' arrangements and goes ahead with Greater Wellington Regional Council Parks staff support.

Points to note:

  • You should apply for your concession at least one month ahead of the date planned for your activity or event.
  • In most cases you will also need to submit a health and safety plan.
  • To check available dates or other details, please contact the Park Ranger.  Or you can discuss your event/activity with our Events Advisor ( ph 021 225 7710).

Fees & bonds (GST included)

Refer to the non-commercial fee schedule for a full list of associated event and activity fees.


Can I get a fee waiver or discount?

Greater Wellington Regional Council will consider waiving fees for any non-commercial events/activities exclusively associated with school or college aged children (<19 years) or events raising money primarily for charitable purposes. If you would like the applicable fees waived, then you need to fill out a fee-waiver form.  It is entirely at the Regional Council's discretion as to whether a partial or full fee waiver is granted.