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Mountain biking and cycling

Mountain biking and cycling

Updated 12 January 2021 10:34am

Be aware that 4WD vehicles, trail bikes and logging trucks may be operating in the forest.

Go with someone else, take LINZ NZ Topo50-BP32 map, a compass, something to eat and drink, a waterproof jacket, a spare tube, tools and first aid kit.

Let someone know your intended route and when to expect you back.

Karapoti Gorge

Distance: 12 km return

Time: 1-2 hours

A scenic ride starting at Karapoti Road and following the Akatarawa River West. Ride into the Gorge, past regenerating native bush and McGhies Bridge to a clearing by the river. Return the same way.

Valley View Loop

Distance: 15 km return

Time: 2-3 hours

From Tulsa Park Upper Hutt, walk your bike up to reach Valley View Road, and follow this to the barn at Cannon Point. Continue on Valley View Road for 4 km then turn right down the steep Clarkes Creek Rd. A steady climb brings you back to Cannon Point Trig. Return to Totara Park down Valley View Road.

Karapoti Challenge

Distance: 20km return 

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours

From Karapoti Gorge entrance you warm up with a 6km ride through the gorge before turning hard left over a concrete bridge. Put your bike over the locked gate and climb up McGhies and Valley View Rds away from the Akatarawa River for 3km.

The effort is soon lost in the surroundings, however, as you wind your way up through Valley View Forest, then along the top of Three Skulls Road for 2km, before turning right onto Woolshed Rd to go downhill back to the concrete bridge. The last 10km are almost all downhill, making it almost impossible not to enjoy the ride back to the carpark.

Whakatiki Loop

Distance: 22 km return

Time: 2-4 hours

Leave Maungakotukutuku Road and follow Perhams Road to Titi Ridge. Descend an 8- km loop through exotic forest to the Whakatiki River and return by Hydro Valley and Whakatiki Road to Titi Rod. Cruise back down Perhams Rd to the start point.

Valley View-Karapoti Loop

Distance: 25 km return

Time: 3-5 hours

Climb up Valley View Road from Tulsa Park to the barn at Cannon Point Trig. Continue along Valley View Road, turning left on Airstrip Drive then right down Woolshed Road through pine plantations. After passing the woolshed you ride past regenerating native forest down to McGhies Bridge. Turn right and ride down Karapoti Gorge to Akatarawa Road. Return via Akatarawa Road, turning right into Bridge Road then follow the walkway alongside the Hutt River until you reach Totara Park. Ride along California Drive back to Tulsa Park.

Karapoti Classic 

Distance: 50 km return

Time: 4-8 hours

For experienced riders only, as you traverse several ridge-tops over 500m with steep climbs and descents. Ride up Karapoti Gorge past McGhies Bridge to a clearing where the road forks. Veer right over a gate and head northeast. You reach a stream at the foot of a hill and follow it to the right a short way before rejoining the track. After a steep climb uphill turn left towards Deadwood at the T-junction. Follow the ridge for 5 km before turning hard left down a gravel track to the stream. Another steep climb leads to Titi Road. Turn left into Whakatiki Road and down to Dopers Creek. Climb steeply again over the Pram Track and down to the ford at Akatarawa River West. Return to Akatarawa Road via Karapoti Gorge.