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Metlink 2021 Asset Management Plan

Metlink 2021 Asset Management Plan

Updated 3 August 2021 11:10am

We are building an efficient, accessible and low carbon public transport network for the Wellington region. Our multi-modal public transport network of trains, buses, and ferries provides our communities with effective travel options to access jobs, education, healthcare, cultural activities, shops, friends, and whanau. Delivering a world-class public transport network that is fit for purpose for now, and in the future, requires ongoing investment.

Metlink’s 2021 Asset Management Plan (AMP) communicates our 30-year investment plans for the prudent management of our public transport network assets for the period 2021 to 2051. The investment plans contained within the AMP promote efficiency, inclusive access to public transport for all, increased mode shift to public transport, resilience, and security by managing the risks to our network from natural and human-made hazards, and contributing to the transition of New Zealand to a net zero carbon emissions’ nation.

The AMP is based on assumptions about the impact of population and demographic changes, the economy, climate change and natural hazards, technology, and legislative and governance changes that impact on our public transport network. The key initiatives and expenditure support our three strategic priorities of improving customer experience, increasing mode shift to public transport, and reducing public transport emissions by decarbonising the fleet.

To this end, the key challenges that we address in the AMP are:

  • Providing sufficient capacity to meet mode shift targets and demand expectations
  • Meeting customer levels of service expectations
  • Efficiently delivering our extensive low carbon work programme.

Read the Metlink 2021 Asset Management Plan.