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Land Management

Land Management

Updated 16 September 2020 4:51pm

Greater Wellington is responsible for protecting the productive capacity of land in the region and encouraging and promoting sustainable land management. We do this by encouraging landowners to recognise the economic and social value of managing land in a way that will protect the resource and meet the needs of this and future generations. This means promoting responsible land-use practices.

Greater Wellington encourages good practice by working with landowners to develop sustainability and property conservation plans, and by working with rural community groups to promote soil conservation.

Greater Wellington’s soil conservation role helps to promote sustainable use of the region's land.  Soil conservation promotes appropriate protection of the region's soils from uses which result in erosion or degradation, thereby retaining the sustainable productive capacity of soils.

In the Wairarapa, extensive and long-term work in areas such as the Tinui district proves the value of soil conservation programmes in sustainable land management.

Greater Wellington's Akura Conservation Centre in Masterton grows and sells trees for conservation and provides advice on a range of related topics.