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Korokoro Environmental Group (KEG)

Korokoro Environmental Group (KEG)

Updated 13 December 2017 3:13pm


KEG supports and encourages a range of worthwhile community environmental initiatives.

  • We make and maintain bush and hilltop walking tracks such as O'Donahoos and Puketirotiro.
  • We restore and sustain bush reserves by weeding, planting and pest control.
  • We encourage recycling and environmental sustainability in our area.
  • We work with the Greater Wellington Regional Council on pest monitoring in the Korokoro Valley.
  • We make constructive submissions for HCC Long Term Community Plan to get funding for safer roads and other environmental initiatives.
  • We have lobbied for visual and ecological improvements such as felling Galbraith's Gully pines.
  • We negotiate with developers to aim for well-planned sub-divisions, e.g. by providing for walking access to Korokoro Valley.
  • We lead community opposition to the proposed Petone Grenada link road which could destroy the Korokoro Valley environment.
    • We contribute to better planning for Korokoro by liaising with local and regional councils.
    • We keep in touch with other community and environmental groups.

Contact:  Julie Haggie,


Please contact Julie Haggie if you wish to volunteer or get on the mailing list, on 04 589 1704.